010 Windowology in São Paulo

Photo by Marina Melchers




“WINDOWOLOGY: Estudo de janelas no Japão” at Japan House São Paulo


Index of Window Sounds and Movements 

For this project, we sought to extract and observe the sounds and movements associated with the opening and closing of windows, in order to shed more light on how we perceive a “window” through our ears and eyes. A Glossary of Window Sounds and Movements is the first research project of “Windows Products Inside,” carried out as a collaboration between the Window Research Institute and product designer Yoh Komiyama, with video imagery created by Tomohiro Okazaki.


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Organizer: Japan House São Paulo / Planning & Supervision: Window Research Institute / Special Assistance: Yōsuitei Preservation Society, Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum, Horiguchi Sutemi Architecture Archives / Exhibition Director: Igarashi Taro / Exhibition Assistant: Shibata Naomi / Architects: Nishizawa Tetsuo, Sato Kumaya (Tezzo Nishizawa Architects) / Graphic Designers: Okamoto Ken, Konno Tatsuya (Ken Okamoto Design Office) / Project Manager: Komiyama Yoh / Exhibition Production: TOKYO STUDIO / Public Relations: Koike Miki, Aizawa Mie (HOW)