Window Products Inside

Window Products Inside is a research project initiated by product designer Yoh Komiyama. By extracting and redefining the various meanings that are implicit to the window as an object, the project hopes to uncover what is needed so that windows can create a diversity of new lifestyles, cultures, and new customs. 

「Window Products Inside」はプロダクトデザイナー 小宮山洋によるリサーチプロジェクト。「窓」そのものに内包されている意味を抽出し再定義することで、多様な生活文化や新しい習慣を作り出す「窓」の鍵となるものを探す。



2020.10 – 2021.1 Windowology (Japan House LosAngeles, LosAngeles, US)

2021.6 – 2021.8 Windowology (Japan House SaoPaulo, SaoPaulo, ARG)

2021.12 – 2022.4 Windowology (Japan House London, London, UK)

2022.2.14 – 3.25 “Cat Perspective Home”, at Karimoku Commons Tokyo, Tokyo

2022.9.18 – 2023.1.28 Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan(VILLUM Window Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark)