001 Double sliding window



Double sliding window 

A window that opens and closes by moving two or more parallel panels horizontally over two or more grooves or rails is called a double sliding window, where both the left and right panels move. This sort of window is an ancient Japanese mechanism for opening and closing, and its original form can be traced back to the yarido sliding panels of the Heian era (B.C. 794 to 1185). They are commonly used even today in Japanese homes.ns in Japan. From design to production and final polishing finish, it is done by the manual work of skilled craftsmen in the company’s workshop.

Index of Window Sounds and Movements 

For this project, we sought to extract and observe the sounds and movements associated with the opening and closing of windows, in order to shed more light on how we perceive a “window” through our ears and eyes. A Glossary of Window Sounds and Movements is the first research project of “Windows Products Inside,” carried out as a collaboration between the Window Research Institute and product designer Yoh Komiyama, with video imagery created by Tomohiro Okazaki.




「窓」の開閉する「音」と「動作」を抽出・観察し、私たちが耳や目で「窓」をどのように認知しているかを解き明かす取り組み。「窓の音と動きの図鑑」は「Window Products Inside」の最初となるリサーチプロジェクトで、プロダクトデザイナー小宮山洋と窓研究所との協働で行われており、映像表現を岡崎智弘が作りあげている。

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Research: Komiyama Yoh

Film: Okazaki Tomohiro

Sound Recording & Analysis: Onodera Yui, Matsuo Kenjiro (invisible designs lab)

Translation : Darryl Wee

Editing : Marie Sasago

Production : Window Research Institute